Stainless Steel Finger Guard Protector – For Chopping /Dicing /Slicing/ Cutting Vegetables

•Material: Stainless Steel

•Size: 6.7cm (L) x 4.6cm(W)

•Ring Diameter: 1.9 cm (Adjustable)

•Color: Silver

•The Finger guard protects your fingers when cutting or slicing vegetables

•perfect for new and inexperienced chefs.

•The ring easily adjusts to the chef’s middle finger allowing complete finger coverage and your other fingers move the food freely.


•The finger guard is a stainless steel shield that protects fingers while slicing and dicing food.

•The interior of the shield has an adjustable stainless steel ring that easily adjusts to fit the chef’s middle finger, leaving all other fingers free to control the food.

•The tip of the shield holds the food that you’re slicing. A finger guard is a handy tool for maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk in the kitchen, The base of the shield is formed to hold foods still for perfect slicing so your fingers never have to be in the way.

•HOW TO USE: While wearing the inside ring on your middle finger adjust the oval shape to cover the rest of your fingers while resting the guard on the vegetable you are cutting. The finger guard holds the food in place while you’re slicing your vegetables.

•INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Comes with an adjustable ring design that fits most fingers. Squeeze the ring inside the guard around your fingers for the perfect fit.

•DISHWASHER SAFE: Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel that will not rust like most competitors. Easy to clean and headache-free.

•UNBEATABLE QUALITY: Made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. Durable product that is built to last.