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Silicone Gel Half-Toe Bunion Metatarsal Pads/ Protector/ Separator -1 Pair


• Name: Silicone Gel Half-Toe Bunion Metatarsal Pads/ Protector/ Separator

• Material :Silicone

• Colors: White and Skin/ Beige (Subject to Availability)

• Weight: 45 G

• Insole Size : Comfort Insole

• Sizes: 9.5 cm x 6 cm (Approx.)

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  • 1 Pair Soft Silicone Foot Soft, comfortable and useful. With hole design, comfortable and breathable to wear. 


    Prevent toes rubbing, Suitable for ballet dance, belly dance, daily wear, etc.

    High quality gel material made, super soft and stretchy.

    Big toe separating from the other four toes makes it stay in place

    Can be worn with socks or no hosiery in shoes

    Can well protect toes from friction, prevent foot calluses, corns, blisters.

    The toe covers are perfect for walking, running, climbing, hiking, dancing, playing tennis or other sports.

    It spreads and stretches to cover even the widest of feet,relieve the pain and pressure from Ball of foot, help with improving performance and reducing

    pain during physical activity, maximize comfort where it counts and reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

    Using tips:

    1.Clean your feet first, and keep your feet dry

    2.Enlarging the shoe-pad into the toes, and covering the whole feet

    3.Using hand to heal it after setting, to make the shoe-pad paste the feet

    Warm tips:

    Hand washing under 40 Centigrade water temperature, drying naturally, avoiding violent sun