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Press and Measure Oil and Vinegar Dispenser – 500 ML


• Capacity: 500ml/17oz
• Press, Measure and Dispense
• It allows you measure the precise amount of Oil or Vinegar desired
• It is safe for Fridge or Shelf
• It is easy to clean
• It is durable
• It can be re-used
•Size – Height 28 cm * Width 7 cm


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•The problem with a healthy salad is the sheer amount of unhealthy salad dressing used.

•If you like to make your own dressings or just like vinegar and oil, pour a perfect-sized shot of it with this cool new Press-and-Measure Oil and Vinegar Dispenser.

•This stylish glass and stainless steel cruet lets you pour a precision amount of oil, vinegar or salad dressing every single time.
•Just press the button on the side to pump it up to a spout on top that measures in tablespoons, teaspoons and ml.
•It’s an innovative solution for dieters and those who would actually like to make a sensible salad, without going overboard on the dressings.

•unfortunately, there’s nothing to stop you from adding a second shot and an extra handful of croutons though.
•Simply Press the Silicone buttons on each side of the dispenser and your contents are transferred to an easy to read measuring chamber before you pour, so you can spot the exact amount you want without using a separate measuring cup or spoon.

• Use to measure and dispense oils, vinegar, or any liquids without spilling, sloping or leaking
• Features integrated pump and measuring top that helps you control oil and vinegar dispensing on your foods
• Easy to disassemble and clean
• Measures in milliliters (ML), teaspoon (TSP) and tablespoon (TBSP) increments
• This oil Dispenser can also be used for vinegar, water, soy sauce and other liquids

• 1-2cm error might exist due to manual measurements (note: 1cm=0.39inch)
• The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings