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Nipple Cover – 5 pairs in a pack


*Name : Nipple Cover – 5 pairs in a pack
*Material: Polyester
*Use: nipple tape
*Color: Skin
*Shape: Petal, Circle

*Design: Circle, Flower (Please Choose your design)
*Features: Bra-less, comfortable
*Package Quantity : 5 Pairs
*Outer Diameter of Circle : 6 cm
*Inner Diameter of Circle : 3 cm
*Outer Diameter of Flower : 7.5 cm
*Inner Diameter of Flower: 3 cm
*Weight : 6g
*The covers are self adhesive
*It is a perfect choice for a smooth look with or without your bra, especially when wearing summer skirts or figure-hugging dress, back-revealing dress, tights and swimming dress, etc.
*Once you put on nipple covers, you don’t have to worry about your nipples showing thru your clothes.
*These nipple covers are the right products for the problem of the girls peeking out.
*Brand new and high quality
*Self-adhesive, well fixed, not easy to fall off. Strapless
*Easy to wear
*Do not use on damaged or inflamed skin

Note :We recommend that you perform a skin test 24 hours before extended use by wearing the Petals for up to four hours. If you experience any itching, irritation, burning or discomfort of any kind, remove the silicone immediately. Do not use on open cuts, skin disorders, rashes, sun damaged or sunburned skin, white patches or skin depigmentation problems. Do not wear overnight, and we recommend that you do not wear it for more than 4-6 hours at a time. Not recommended for women with sensitive skin.

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* SELF ADHESIVE SOFT NIPPLE BREAST COVER: These Breast Pasties are self-adhesive, just peel off the protective covering from the back and stick over the nipples, press around the nipples to ensure proper adhesion. The sensitive nipple area contains no glue. Skin color nipple patches are perfect to wear when you wish to go braless. Color:(nude)

* NO-SHOW DESIGN :NO MORE EMBARRASSMENT .Thin, smooth, nearly invisible nipple cover! Feel like you are wearing nothing. Perfect under tops/ dresses with on-trend cut-outs or off-the-shoulder looks! Ideal for swimwear too! A way to smooth appearance in even the most revealing form-fitting fashions!

* MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL :Made from Breathable satin & medical grade adhesive. Stickiness of these nipple pasties passed the test, it serve its purpose with no harm and irritation to skin. It is gentle, pain-free, and won’t leave any imprints or red marks on your skin. Extremely safe to use.

* Portable and Disposable Design – These are disposable Petals Pasties that are ‘use & throw’. Made for one time use, very convenient and clean.it comes with a storage bag that makes it easy to fit in a handbag. Carry these breast petals in your purse anytime and anywhere for a quick fashion fix.

* FREEDOM FROM BRAS: Go braless with confidence once you have our disposable breast pasties. Great for a big party night or a formal occasion when you do not want your nipples to stick out of your clingy dress. Do not wear for more than 6 hours at a time. Moisten the pads before peeling off to prevent injury.

* Considerate design: these non-woven petal bra pasties are compact in size, light in weight, strapless and seamless without bondage and oppression, which will provide you a natural and youthful appearance

*Natural Biological, Self-Adhesive: Features a self-adhesive design that stays in place .It comes with a natural biological hypoallergenic adhesive glue that is easy to remove and leaves no residue.

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