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Mace 25 g


  • Mace Spices is a very aromatic and exotic spice. 
  • It is the outer layer or covering of Nutmeg seed. 
  • Nutmeg seed is also used as a Spice.
  • This outer covering of Nutmeg seed is removed and dried under the Sun for a few days. Mace Spice is much more expensive than the Nutmeg itself.
  • Colour: A combination of Yellow, Red and Orange.

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  • Mace blade is the lacy dried covering of the nutmeg which it surrounds and protects.
  •  It has a softer, more delicate and sweeter flavour than the nutmeg and can be used as a substitute for nutmeg in any dish.  
  • You will often find the blades in mulled wine mixtures and they are a great flavouring for rice dishes (they can impart an orange colour), excellent in creamy/cheese sauces, soups & stews. 
  • To use just crush between your fingers and add it in.
  •  Remove before serving.

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