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Expert Cleaner Green Box


• Cleans your Laptop & Desktop LCD/LED TFT Screen
• Cleans your Smartphone & Tablet Screen
• Cleans your LED LCD PLASMA TV Screen
• Effectively wipes away fingerprints and smudges
• Material: 80% Polyester Fiber and 20% Polymide Fiber
• 3 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit
• Screen cleaning kit has the ultimate essentials for your electronic cleaning needs and provides an effective and safe way to clean your electronic devices.
• Conventional screen cleaners use alcohol and other chemicals which can resonate into electronic screens causing fading and depreciation.

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• Our non-streak cleaner boasts an odorless, non-toxic solution.
• Our solution has been tested and is non-static, non-streak and free of alcohol and other toxic substances.
• Just spray the cleaner onto the included microfiber cleaning cloth, and say goodbye to dust, stains and fingerprints.
• Brand new high quality non-toxic cleaning liquid!
– Extract from fresh natural resin organisms are absolutely harmless
– Exclusive protective membrane is convenient for the next cleaning
– Waterless cleaning technology can help you sterilize and anti-static function
– Come with micro fiber cloth and brush to clean completely!
– For use with LCD, CRT, computer monitor, LCDTV, Plasm TV, Lens, Touch-sensitive screen etc
– Also use it to clean VCD, DVD, CD-ROM and so on
– Liquid capacity: 100mL
– A piece of soft cotton cloth available.

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