Bra Washer Bag

•Three layers, like a sandwich, have strengthened the protective ability effectively.

•Organize small items such as makeup products all together

•The stitches on the edge joints are tight and not easy to crack.

•Bra washing bag with sturdy supports on the top and bottom, no vertical support.

•With mesh washing bags, you will not worry about getting tangled up or losing socks.

•In order to handy drying the lingerie bag, there is a hanger loop to hand up.

•Please keep them away from fire.

•Size: (H) 7”, (B) 7″

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•Smart Zipper: Zipper can be fastened within a band after zip up, making sure no garments will fall out during fast movements in a washing machine or a dryer.

•Bra washing bag is designed with honeycomb meshes to keep bras from getting distorted during laundry.

•Please don’t put too many clothes. Keep it at about 2 / 3 capacity, washing more smoothly. Please tuck the zipper into the elastic. Use a neutral or acid detergent when cleaning, the alkaline detergent will accelerate the aging of fabric.

•As the zipper handle is well hidden in the band, there is no more noise coming from collision between zipper and spinning cylinder.

•On the top and bottom, there are soft EVA floating plates to protect your bras in shape and will not hurt them.