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REMAX Desktop Holder RM-C23


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Multi angle rotating chuck with damping effect, meet your different needs
Powerful grip suction cup ensures it will stay securely attached
Aluminum alloy + ABS made, sturdy construction, durable in use
Multi-purpose, you could use it on the desktop or in your car
Suitable for smartphones width within 50-85mm
Multi-rotation parts, easy to fold and shaped to various form; Fixed with imported silicon, high stability; Aluminum alloy framework, hard and durable
Alloy polishing technology: Alloy polishing focus on the edge creates the fancy hand feeling
Side of silica gel: It is more convenient because of the silicone diaphragm protection
Single hand operation, easy to pick up: Product will automatically absorb once the holder is been touched, single hand operational and convenient, make your driving much safer
More comprehensive adaptation and fully compatible: Break the restrictions of compatibility of size. Easy to use, fully support all models of mobile phones


Brand: REMAX
Model: RM-C23
Rotation: 360° & 270°
Material: ABS + Aluminum alloy
Clamp width: 50-85mm
6 month warranty