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Pure Honey with Ginger 190 g


Some facts about Honey:

  • It dates back to more than 4000 years
  • Mixed with other herbal preparations, honey enhances the medicinal value of products
  • Honey doesn’t spoil. If stored well, it can last way past its expiry date.
  • It is a natural and healthier substitute for regular sugar
  • An instant energy booster, athletes and fitness freaks often swear by Honey for enhanced endurance levels
  • It is a rich source of antioxidants & flavonoids which are beneficial for health.
  • Its potent antibacterial properties help keep bacterial and fungal infections at bay



What are the Benefits of Ginger and Honey?


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The concoction of Ginger and Honey has been known to have numerous health benefits, especially when it comes to controlling respiratory problems. Have a look at the various ginger honey benefits and see how you can benefit from them.

Natural Home Remedy for cough and cold

Honey has been found to thin the mucus build up that blocks the breathing passage and leads to Upper respiratory tract infections. In a similar manner, ginger helps to reduce inflammation of the airway. Therefore, a mix that combines both honey and ginger provides an effective natural treatment for cough and cold symptoms. Read more on home remedies for cough.

You can add a tbsp. of it in 1 cup of water, and let it boil. If you drink this easy-to-make hot beverage twice a day, you should feel relief.



Natural Pain Killer

The combination of Ginger and honey is known to be a natural pain killer. Even though Ginger has an intense flavour, very few know that it is an expectorant and this helps get rid of pain. This combination is very well known for being used as a treatment for cold, and we all know that a cold is usually followed by a sore throat. Ginger, because of its strong aroma and being an expectorant, opens up your sinuses and helps get rid of the mucus from the respiratory system.



Strengthens your immune system

Honey, Ginger and Lemon – These 3 ingredients are perfect to battle sickness. They also assist in your body’s ability to defend itself. Drinking a cup of ginger, lemon and honey tea or simply having a spoon of Honey Ginger daily can boost your immune system. Furthermore, both ginger and honey have antioxidant properties, thereby increasing the strength of the body’s immune system.



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