Point Petro Vadai – 20 Pcs


Point Petro Vadai savory snack made from deep-fried lentil. In Tamil they call it Paruthi Thurai Vadai (Name of the place in Jaffna). These Point Pedro Vadai made from broken urad dhal and roasted rice flour. These crisp deep fried is incredibly moreish, especially when accompanied with a cup of hot milky tea.

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  • Name : Point Petro Vadai – 20 Pcs
  • Brand : NTP
  • Marketing By : Geeky.lk
  • Ingredients : Plit urad dhal, Crushed chilies, Onions, Curry leaves, Fennel seeds, and Salt
  • Life Span : 2 Months
  • Package included : 1 Pack of Point Petro Vadai – 20 Pcs