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Palmyrah Treacle(Syrup) Jaggery -200g


  • Name : Palmyrah Treacle/ Syrup Jaggery -200g
  • Brand : NPT
  • Marketing By : Geeky.lk
  • Ingredients : Palmyrah Treacle
  • Life Span : 1 Year
  • Package included : 1 Pack of Palmyrah Treacle/ Syrup Jaggery – 200g




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Palm jaggery is almost like jaggery that is made out of Palmyrah syrup from Plamyrah tree. It has an intense, earthy taste or reminiscent of chocolates in its taste. Palmyrah jaggery is used as a popular traditional sweetener in Jaffna peninsula, Sri Lanka. It is a nutrient rich crude sugar which is also used in the traditional medicine.


  • Palm jaggery is nutritionally richest in minerals like Calcium, Iron and is Phosphorous which are essential for the growth of strong bones and teeth in growing children.
  • Made of Palmyrah Treacle
  • Natural Sweetener. Can be used as a substitute for White Sugar
  • No Preservatives have been added. No artificial flavor
  • Rich in essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids
  • Palmyra palm jaggery is the only known plant generated natural source of Vitamin B12 and C
  • Present in the Palm Sugar makes it the richest natural sweetener available in powder form.
  • It supports growth of young children, decrease pancreas heat, strengthens heart, bone and teeth; help prevent diabetes, nerve pains and respiratory ailments.