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Neem Flower Vadagam – 50g


  • Name : Neem Flower Vadagam – 50g
  • Brand : NPT
  • Marketing By : lk
  • Ingredients : Neem Flower, Urad dal, Curry leaves, Onion, and Chilies
  • Weight : 50g
  • Life Span : 1 Year
  • Package included : 1 Pack of Neem Flower Vadagam – 50g

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  • It is a Popular Snack in Jaffna where people use to fry and eat with Rice or Pittu.
  • Sun-dried and fried side dish made of some special ingredients.
  • Vadagam is usually made in bulk during sunny days and preserved to be eaten over a long period
  • Neem flowers Vadagam is one of the popular vadagam type .The Neem tree is considered one of the most medicinal trees and the flowers particularly good for diabetics.
  • They place Mats around the Neem tree to collect the tiny flowers that fell off the tree. The flowers were then rinsed and dried before being used to make the vadagam.
  • Store them in a clean and airtight container.
  • When you wish to serve them, simply deep-fry the required number and serve warm with rice and some curd and pickle.