Mobil Super Moto 4T 10W-30 Motorcycle Scooter Oil – 1L


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Mobil Super Moto™ Scooter 10W-30 is a high performance four-stroke scooter engine oils primarily intended for general use in all types of driving.

Key Features

Mobil Super Moto™ Scooter 10W-30 combines highly refined, quality base oils with an advanced additive system to provide excellent wear, cleanliness, and corrosion protection. Mobil Super Moto™ Scooter 10W-30 is especially formulated for scooters to shield critical engine parts.

  • Excellent wear protection
  • Thermal and oxidation stability
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Helps extend engine life
  • Helps keep engines clean for smoother operation
  • Protects critical engine components

Typical Properties

SAE Grade SAE 10W-30
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 C, MM2/S, ASTM D445 70.9
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 C, MM2/S, ASTM D445 10.57
Viscosity Index, ASTM D2270 136
Ash, Sulfated, MASS%, ASTM D874 1.065
Pour Point, °C, ASTM D97 -42
Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, °C, ASTM D92 226
Density @ 15 C, G/ML, ASTM D1298 0.8695


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SAE Oil Weight 10W-30
Oil Type Motorcycle Oil