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Miracle Natural Hair Care 3 in 1 Hair Oil Pack


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Are you loosing your hair? Worried about growth of your hair? Dreaming of a longer, stronger & healthier hair?
Having long and luscious hair is almost everyone’s dream. Hair loss is today, one of the most acute problems hampering the lifestyle of everyone. Baldness, rapid hair fall, hair thinning, etc are gender neutral as they are afflicting both men and women.

Miracle Natural Herbal Care 3 in 1 Hair Oil Pack is the ultimate solution for all your problems associated with hair! This product is manufactured in combination of herbs in their purest form. The product has been developed on the traditional postulates of Ayurveda and addresses a wide variety of internal imbalances thanks to its unique formulation.

Miracle Natural Herbal Care 3 in 1 Hair Oil Pack

  • Helps to strengthen hair
  • Controls dandruff and gently cleanses the scalp for a long-lasting effect
  • It nourishes the hair follicles and scalp, promotes healthy hair growth, cleanses the scalp and has anti-inflammatory properties to fight scalp infections
  • Promotes new hair growth and adds shine and luster to hair

Miracle Natural Herbal Care Hair Oil Pack comprises of 3 oil bottles; Aloevera Oil – 200ml, Miracle Herbal Oil – 200ml and Neem Oil – 200ml.

Aloevera Oil
Conditions rough and frizzy hair
Helps to maintain the PH balance of scalp
Reduce split ends
Nourishes hair and make it healthier and shinier

Aloevera oil
Coconut oil
Carrot oil

Miracle Herbal Oil
Fights dandruff
Helps hormonal hair loss
Reduces grey hair
Relieve migraine pain
Improves scalp health

Betel leaves
Tulsi leaves
Curry leaves
Castor oil
Olive oil
Shoe flowers
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Gotu Kola

Neem Oil
Increase hair growth
Treat excessive dryness of the scalp
Resolve hair thinning

Neem leaves
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Castor oil
Vitamin E