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Goraka 1 kg


  • This fruit is majorly help in losing weight
  • Improves digestive problems and cholesterol levels
  • The fruit eases the functions of digestive system
  • Involves in boosting of body metabolis
  • Traditionally used ingredient in a wide variety of cuisines for its distinctive sourness

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  • Goraka is acidic and fruity.
  • It can be used like tamarind in fish and seafood curries.
  • Goraka can also be added to slow-cooked meat stews.
  • Ceyolon   Goraka/ Garcinia /Kudampuli  is best in World ! That’s No 01 in World .
  • It’s a known fact that we own a peerless traditional cuisine.
  • In that case we have used to add diverse types of spices to give different tastes and also to make our food delicious.
  • Among them Garcinia cambogia (Goraka) is known as one of the spices which we often use to add a sour taste to our food. And also it is noteworthy, that the Garcinia has numerous health benefits as well rather than the culinary use.

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