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Earth Star Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 1.8L


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The Lifelong electric kettle has 1.8 liter capacity, has removable filter and dual side water level indicator.
The auto shut off feature knows whether content has boiled, then automatically turns off the kettle.
Although it is not a jug, the electric kettle cannot be used for storage purposes, but for immediate consumption.
It is suitable for heating liquids and must be cleaned thoroughly before a different liquid is put inside.
The Stainless steel body is a concealed element with a single touch lid locking.
High capacity of 1.8 liter makes the appliance ideal for tea and coffee consumption. There comes a 360-degree swivel base for usage convenience. For added safety, over-heating protection comes handy.
1.8 liter electric kettle is designed to fit into your hands. The impressions in the handle are similar to a user’s hand when they’re holding the kettle.
This ensures the kettle doesn’t slip while one holds it. There is a power switch on top of the handle, designed for a perfect and smooth operation of the kettle.