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Earth Star Lantern 9901 90 led


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Lead-acid battery rechargeable and free maintenance, with 6000MAH capacity high: Long service life can be charged circularly 500 times above
Use environmentai protection import SMD LED, Super brightness and white, it can work more than 100000 hours: Low power consumption, 90 SMD strong lighting power consumption is only 7:2W, illumination time is 4 hours above; weak ight power consumption is only 2.5W, Illumination time of 12 hours above:
Push the switch, you can choose the weak light or strong light,and can control lights on or off through the pull freely according to the environmental requirements
1t has emergency function, is the best spare lamps for outdoor recreation, fleld work family and market


Model – ES-9901
Power Source – 220/240V, 50/60Hz
Battery – 6000Mah sealed lead- acid rechargeable battery
Light Source – 90SMD
Charge time – 12Hrs
Dimension – 67x4x7cm