3M Tire Restorer


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  • Easy-to-use formula restores deep black color and natural shine to tires
  • Dual purpose product also refreshes look of faded exterior rubber trim and moldings
  • Non-sling formula will not blemish automotive paint jobs
  • Special formula restores like-new appearance to tires, trim, and molding
  • Fine-mist sprayer and even spray pattern makes application of tire restorer easy

3M™ Tire Restore restores faded tires with deep black color and natural like-new shine. In addition to tires, this restorer also refreshes the appearance of dull vinyl and rubber moldings and trim to renew the vibrancy of their original color.

Make Tires Look Like New Again
3M™ Tire Restorer renews the appearance of tires without slinging or staining the adjacent panels of your car. Sling is a problem when tire restorer flings off the tires as the car is in motion and comes into contact with the car body. When this happens, some tire restorer products can blemish the paint on a car, but that is not a problem with our non-sling formula of tire restorer. The restored deep black color is long lasting after using this product on your tires.

Easy to Apply
Tire restorer is applied directly to clean, dry tires with a fine mist consistent spray trigger. Then simply wipe the tire to ensure a uniform application of the spray. Simply remove any overspray from adjacent car parts, and allow to dry before driving. For applications on moldings and trim, spray liquid restorer onto a soft terry cloth towel and then wipe over the area to be treated. Tire restorer comes in a 16 ounce bottle.

Recommended for the Pros and Home Car Care Enthusiasts
Tire restorer is a popular car care product among professional automotive detailers and car enthusiasts. This product wipes away the dull, lifeless look that diminishes the appearance of tires and molding over time. In just a short time without any tools or equipment, the “like new” look of tires, trim and molding (PDF, 339.91 Kb) can be restored.